Our consolidated CPV coding experience may be highlighted as per the following

Products are sourced from respective Manufacturer’s/Supplier’s website or catalogues, to make sure that products are identified appropriately. The objective of sourcing is to ensure that the product identification and subsequent classification process is carried out suitably.

Our customized approach has conformed to the best-suited classification processes uniquely for every customer requisites, data and product types individually with consistency and accuracy in data.

By in-depth understanding of the product type / class and by referring sourced data and input description, we ensure that the product is classified as per its exactly available category.

CPV classification system is ever-changing. While newer versions are frequently introduced by the governing body, in the course of the project undertaking, just in case any newer versions or upgrades to the existing versions are introduced, we ensure to extend our support for the same.

In order to aid, streamline and improve our classification process, we have developed and adapted a couple of in-house auto classification tools to simplify the process of classification.

We adhere to, and have incorporated the latest data security measures and policies. We vouch for a fact that our client’s data is safe and secure with us.


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With the help of in-house built data translation tools together with dependable translation tools available on search engines, we have worked on more than 5 foreign languages.

Our experience in CPV classification and taxonomy spans across many different industry types, domains and verticals. Principal among those include Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Lab supplies, Medical devices, electrical, electronics, and MRO Products.

The CPV consists of a primary vocabulary to define the subject of a contract, and a supplementary vocabulary to add further qualitative information. The primary vocabulary is based on a tree structure comprising codes of up to 9 digits (an 8 digit code plus a check digit) associated with a wording that describes the type of supplies, works or services forming the subject of the contract.

The benefits of using the CPV
  • Wider scope and visibility of spend analysis in an organization
  • Identification of relevant suppliers for specific product or services
  • CPV allows classification of similar products and services under one category

Product Source Number Description GMDN Code GMDN Description
MSF-33-71-27-- esurfobl27c forcep-Bone-cutting-liston-stille-dbl-act.-27cm 33169000-2 Surgical instruments
MSF -ESURCLBD10C 15-17-10 Clamp, Buldgog, DeBAKEY, atraumatic100mm 33169000-2 Surgical instruments
MSF-ESUDFODE17 300-01-70 Forceps, Dental, n°17, upper right molars 33131170-9 Dental spatulas, tweezers and wax carvers
MSF-SCTDTUGF06- sctdtugf06 nasogastric-tube-enfit-tip-s.u.-40-cm-ch06-light 33692300-0 Enteral feeds
MSF-ESUDFOME16C 332-20-20 forceps, Meriam, 16 cm, double bent, serrated 33131170-9 Dental spatulas, tweezers and wax carvers
MSF-ESURCUBV10 29-51-53 curette-bone-volkmann-17-cm-10-mm 33169000-2 Surgical instruments
UNICEF S0366020 syringe-feeding-50ml-luer-tip-ster 33692300-0 Enteral feeds
MSF-SSURSCIS14S1 ssurscis14s1 surgical-scissors-14.5-cm-straight-sharp-blunt 33169000-2 Surgical instruments

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