Google relies on Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) which is a unique product identifier to understand and identify all of its trade items. GTIN promotes visibility of products and provides a common language for all of its entities and trading partners worldwide to convey details about the product.

Where to find GTIN / UPC code

At Softnis, we help to determine and easily identify relevant GTIN codes for customer’s products as one of our specialties with our skilled in-house process methodologies.

We also visit individual manufacturers if not available on distributor’s and supplier’s websites to understand what the product type is.

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These are the different types of numbers that we consider to determine the GTIN code:

  • UPC (in North America / GTIN-12): 12-digit number
  • EAN (in Europe / GTIN-13): 13-digit number
  • JAN (in Japan / GTIN-13): 8 or 13-digit number
  • ISBN (for books): 13-digit number
  • ITF-14 (for multipacks / GTIN-14): 14-digit number


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