Google Shopping Product Category Taxonomy

Core specialization of SoftNis comes from customer driven product classification methodologies. Google product Taxonomy is one such classification method that we exclusively engage in.

SoftNis undertakes an in-depth analysis of products, its type and application to classify it to its granular level subcategory. Business enterprises need good product visibility on search engines like Google to get search rankings up and drive online traffic to your website.

Our Google taxonomy classification method covers the following:

  • Latest version of Google Taxonomy.
  • We ensure that the matching product category is exactly as per the described product.
  • Accessories are categorized as per its own specific category. If not available, it will be categorized based on the type of equipment.
  • Every product is classified with respect to its most specific granular category available in the hierarchy.

Automation and manual verification

We at SoftNis have developed an in-house Google Product Category Taxonomy tool to automate the product categorization and speed up the turnaround time involved.

The tool auto-classifies products to its respective subcategory. All auto-classified and categorized items are subsequently cross checked manually and verified by our domain experts so as to ensure accuracy while eliminating any errors in taxonomy.

Manual Classification (Level 4)

After products are auto matched and categorized, our domain experts carry out a thorough cross checking process manually with in-depth understanding of the product, its type and application and sourcing it to its respective manufacturers. If not available on the supplier’s website, we try classifying it to its most relevant and specific subcategories.

Product Sourcing

Click Here Click here to know about our Product sourcing process. By employing sourcing, we have classified more than 95% of the products with more than 85% of the products at the most granular level.


  • Manufacturer/Supplier Name: John Boos
  • Product Description: MPL-RST Maple Rustic-Edge Board 1312175
SoftNis Output
  • Product Sourced URL:
  • Google Taxonomy:
  • Google Shopping Product Category Taxonomy Samples
  • Manufacturere Name: John Boos & Co.
  • Brand: Boss Lock
  • Part Number: MPL-RST1312175
  • GTIN: 662969633035

Categorizing products to its very granular level ensures:

  • To support Google in advertising the products that match the search query with the actual product listing.
  • It helps to connect the user to the exact product type they are looking for and increases the product visibility to reach wider markets.
  • By incorporating this method, you have an edge on peers and competitors.

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