Product Sourcing in Manufacturer or Supplier website

Products / Materials / Items /SKUs are sourced from respective Manufacturer or Supplier website/catalogues, to make sure products are identified properly. The objective of sourcing is to make sure the product identification and further process will be done right.

Products are Sourced as per the following hierarchy

  • Manufacturer Website/Catalogues: The first step is to try to source or corroborate the product info from the actual manufacturer’s website as the results will be precise and authenticated.

  • Supplier Website/Catalogues: Just suppose the product listing or info is not present on the manufacturer’s website, and relevant details are not made available, then the next logical step is to source the product info online or visit related supplier or distributor websites.

  • Not Found: In the event, the product listing or product details are not found online, and there is no relevant info that can be sourced online, or after an exhaustive search, we will conclude that the same is not found.

  • Insufficient Description & Not Found: If the description is not sufficient to identify the product, and if it's Not Found, then we will send these lists of products to the client for more information, with each delivery.

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