Data Standardization and Normalization

Before one gets into the Data Cleansing or Enrichment stage, data processing stage of data standards has to be cleared. One of the initial stages includes Data Normalization, which deals with different parameters of various units and scales and standardization of data. For rescaling the data, we have two methods as Data standardization and data normalization.

Data Normalization includes, Normalization of Manufacture Name, Brand, Part Number, Model, Series, and Catalog Number etc.

Data Standardization defines the set of rules, and Standards followed to make sure the data is clean, consistent and suitable to be shared across the different divisions in or across the industry. It includes Specification Standards, Standard Unit-Of-Measure(UOM) codes, Taxonomy, Shot and Long Descriptions etc.

SoftNis’s Data Standardization Techniques

The above process involves:
  • Product Identification and Standardization of Noun and Modifier
  • Standardization or normalization of manufacturer name and Part Number
  • Usage of Standard Unit of Measure Codes (UOM), like ANSI or United Nations (UN) UOMs
  • Identifying and Correcting Typo Error and Spelling Mistakes
  • Text Conversation to Standard Formats, like Proper Case
  • Standardization of Item Description

For Example:
Input Product Data: Smith-co, 3" pvc BL VLV sip 029-3912-2Q, 2y

Product Identification and Standardization of Noun and Modifier:

Product Identification is the first step in the Product Information Management process, our Domain Experts will identify the Product from the given Information and define the Noun and Modifier.

Standardization or Normalization of Manufacture Name and Part Number:

Identifying the Manufacture Name, Brand and Part Number from the given input, and do the Normalization as per the Standards.

Standard Unit of Measure Codes (UOM):

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or United Nations (UN) codes will be used to define Unit of Measure.

Identifying and Correcting Typo Error and Spelling Mistakes (Cosmetic Changes)

Text Conversation to standard Format:

Standardization of Item Description