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Leadership is usually required. In Oceania, in which any potential leadership is immediately rooted out by the Thought Police and any divergence from orthodox behavior is not tolerated, that leadership is not likely to develop. O'Brien will have a number of interesting things to say about this possibility when he instructs Winston in Party doctrine. Granted the possibility of the world Orwell depicts, of course O'Brien is right and Winston is wrong. Winston is frustrated in sexual matters as he is in everything else.

In the context of Orwell's other writings, this assessment seems fair; in the context of 1984, however, the labeling is not so easy. The essential role of Julia's rebellion, coupled with her subtle interrelation with the novel's central ideas, makes it difficult to dismiss Julia as simply a radical sexist. She suffers every bit as much as Winston and is subjected to everything that he is plus more. One can assume that, given the Party's brutality, she suffers one kind of savagery that Winston does not namely, rape.

The Party's greatest enemy is eroticism, and since passion is love in its most powerful form, Julia's small liaisons are deadly poison indeed. It is interesting to note that the love song manufactured by the Party is more powerful and enduring than the hate song. The old woman who sang in the courtyard preserved the song of love; Orwell thus suggests that the force of love is more powerful than hatred. Until the Party is able to completely control such behavior, women like Julia will continue to appear and eat away at the Party's power.

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