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By Maria Beaumont

At the eve of her thirty-seventh birthday, Fran Clark unearths herself in a job she could by no means have anticipated: that of an incredibly determined housewife. As Fran halfheartedly makes an attempt to relaunch her once-vibrant occupation as a voiceover artist and obsesses over maintaining with the ruthless moms' scene at her kid's university, she starts off to gain that her thirty-seventh yr isn't really going to resemble the midlife bliss she had imagined. as a substitute, she makes excuses for the truth that she's depressed and ingesting -- much. but if Fran realizes she has failed her kids one too again and again, and starts off to suspect her husband is having an affair, she is aware she has hit all-time low. it truly is Fran's closest buddies who eventually come to her rescue. She learns to thank them for her salvation -- now not simply because they're there for her, yet simply because she discovers easy methods to be there for them. Literate and good written, 37 is a searingly intimate and compulsively readable novel, a really glossy diary of a (not particularly) mad housewife. full of acute, frequently bitingly humorous observations approximately motherhood, friendship, and the claustrophobia of suburbia, this pitch-perfect novel will resonate with any girl who has ever been bothered with self-doubt. 37 is Maria Beaumont's 3rd novel. After the mums from her little ones' university have complete together with her, it can be her final.

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She isn’t being selfish—quite the contrary, actually. Summer’s relationship with me is based on us. Having known the pre-marriage, pre-kids me, that’s who she’s interested in. She’s the one person in my life who still views me as I used to be, so I guess I kind of like it. “I’ve got to see the deputy head about Thomas,” I say in answer to her question. ” “I don’t know yet. She’s probably concerned that Thomas only thinks about football. But so what? He’s brilliant. ” “Absolutely. ” she says, giving me a knowing wink.

I avoid eye contact with the witches, still at their table, their heads together. Good luck to them. They can’t get to me now. The afternoon hasn’t been such a washout after all. I’ve been wanting to make new friends, and look what happened. I clicked effortlessly with Natasha, who, until a couple of hours ago, I’d glibly written off as One of Them. Sometimes it’s a wonderful thing to be proven wrong. For once I feel as happy as all the other mums look. I decide that when we get home, the kids and I will bake cakes or do some painting.

Not exactly The Postman Always Rings Twice, is it? But we’ve only ourselves to blame. By going with the passion, we nurture familiarity, which then spreads like cancer. Passion breeds familiarity breeds contempt. How sad. For a couple of years Richard was more or less a kept man. Then his career took off, and so did his salary. Before we knew it, we had the big wedding and the flashy cars and exotic holidays and then the children, and now, twelve years later, here we are. Saturday morning: Richard is at his research group in Bristol, and I’m on my own with the kids.

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