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Smooth, are joints is at a high level; sur- are fine and even. materials and techniques contribute to idealistic, the character of regional types such as the cob- Revival blestone dwellings of western Greek Revival architecture offered a Classical vocabulary that was versatile enough to express both regional vernacular and tirbane design concepts, and a mood that was romantic New York and the Northwest, the stuccoed stone of German Texas, the cut limestone of Wisconsin and Minnesota, the fieldstone of Pennsylvania, and the old ashlar granite of Massachusetts and Maine.

This from architecture materials. England for cultural leadership. architect-decorator Robert different ferent materials to ration, ing in action, these self-made merchants, bankers, traders, America must be Europe, the author asserted. Americans had dif- is refined the proportions of the Georgian house and borrowed ornamental motifs like toon from the recently houses in Pompeii and These dwellings in — the urn, garland, excavated Roman and Materials fes- country the style known in Amer- — are characterized by balance and symmetry in design, lightness and elegance in mood, delicacy and finesse in execution.

1760-1775) It should and developed be recalled that — as opposed to "Colonial" — is essen- high-style tradition. During the early phase, new ornamental vocabis displayed like a trophy. The doorway has an insistent emphasis set off within a central pavilion (projecting element) [35], and/or by a Classical enframement consisting of columns or pilasters supporting a pediment [37; 38]. The basement, usually low, may be indicated by a ulary — water table (sloped horizontal ledge) [35]. Floor levels may be indicated by courses, although they [50].

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