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By Philip K. Dick

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Oddly enough no one had complained and he had kept on, finally shifting his loyalty to the Seventh and at last, in a fit of excitement during the final months of the ship's voyage, to the Ninth – from which his loyalty never waned. Maybe what I really need is sleep, he said to himself. A sort of twilight of living, with only the background sound of Beethoven audible. All the rest a blur. No, he decided; I want to be! I want to act and accomplish something. And every year it becomes more necessary.

Pardon? Oh, were you speaking to me, Mr. Morley? I can't quite make it out. " "Yeah, you'll have to speak up. " "What I said was – " "You're frightening her. " "Ask Maggie Walsh, she'll fix one for you. J. " "Oh Christ, if I can just get the damn pot to shut off when it's hot. " "I don't see why our communal coffee pot won't work, they perfected them back in the early part of the twentieth century. " "Think of it as being like Newton's Color Theory. " "Yes, you always bring that up. " "You mean there may be things about homeostatic coffee pots that we don't know?

What a really nice-looking woman, Morley thought to himself. And here came another attractive woman, this one wearing a sweater stretched tight over her peek-n-squeeze bra. " he asked her as they shook hands. "Clerical work and typing. " "I don't think so. " "I don't think it's funny at all," Seth Morley said. His wife nudged him violently in the ribs and, being welltrained, he at once cut his conversation with Miss Smart short and turned to greet a skinny, rat-eyed individual who held out a wedge-shaped hand which appeared to have sharpened, tapered edges.

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