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1 8. ), types Napo, (Natural ern Peru Peru: Tonantins ? ), 1 8. Obidos Teff? ". Solimoes Joas, Haensch, 1879, p. 150; Iquitos, Salvin, and 1919, p. 182. Riley 1909, p. pl. 32e. Riley, 1937, p. 477. Fox, 1927, pp. 24, 33. Bryk, 1925, p. 24. Forbes, 179. dAlmeida, 1951, pp. 24, 27. p. ), Rio Tabatinga 2 8. San 18. ), TRANS. AMER. ENT. 1 1 8,1 3 8. 8. SOC, LXXXVI. 2. ), 1 8. , 1 8. 3 $. Iquitos Pucalipa 154 THE Melinaea maenius cocana Melinaea menophilus 122. Forbes, 1927, p. ), Bryk, 59. figure Ecuador; Coca, p.

W. Wickham, Entomologist, Esq. Talbot. 1914. New South Ameri and George William F. H. Rosenberg, can butterflies. 61: 671-682. Trans. Soc. London, Ent. Mus. Rio Nac, y, Norman de Osbert. Salvin, W. J. Burchell 323, pl. 6. Hans. : (17). Herman. Strecker, oceres, tions.

Is closely similar to and messenina like comma M. are forms simulator resembles mothone. Many to be found in Mechanitis, Hy Hypothyris, and Oleria in the Ithomiinae, and still more butterflies to other families have the same pattern. poscada, belonging Melinaea mothone Melinaea messenina messenina Colombia. 11; Bogota, 1909, p. 122. p. 6. Felder and Felder 1927, pp. p. 26. Forbes, Bryk, 1953, 1865 Felder, Kirby, Felder and Plate (1864-1867), V, figure p. 356, 1871, p. 24. Haensch, 24, 33. Bryk, 1937, p.

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