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Multibacillary (MB) leprosy. MULTIBACILLARY (MB) LEPROSY 19. Another patient with skin lesions similar to those in Figures 17 and 18. The irregular circular or oval rings and the ‘punched out’ centres are characteristic of this form of leprosy and hardly ever seen in any other skin disease. The diagnosis was confirmed by demonstrating loss of sensation on the raised rings and some of the enclosed areas of normal-looking skin. Multibacillary (MB) leprosy. 29 30 MULTIBACILLARY (MB) LEPROSY 20. This patient has numerous, raised red patches over the trunk and limbs and there were also several on the face.

Type 2 reaction. 41 42 DISABILITY–DEFORMITY LATE OR DELAYED DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF LEPROSY: DISABILITY AND DEFORMITY ● If leprosy is detected and diagnosed early, multidrug therapy (MDT: see pages 3–7) will cure the disease and prevent disability and deformity. ● If diagnosed late, and either not treated, or inadequately treated, various nerves will be damaged, leading to loss of sensation and muscle power. ● The following pictures illustrate the end-results of late diagnosis and treatment.

Type 1 reaction. TYPE 1 REACTIONS 2. This large paucibacillary (PB) patch was originally almost flat, but has become swollen, and red, especially round the edges, due to Type 1 reaction. As seen here, the skin manifestations are striking and often lead to recognition and treatment of this complication in leprosy, but the possibility of nerve damage, with involvement of hands, feet or eyes, is even more important. If available, reaction cases are often better treated in a referral centre, but consult your national guidelines with regard to the immediate treatment of mild or severe cases.

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