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By Susan Conant

Holly Winter's existence goes to the canine, yet that is simply effective together with her. She's a feisty, 30-something dog-lover, and her services within the breeding, education, and taking care of dogs is only one of her inbred skills. She's additionally a grand champion at monitoring down criminals of the two-legged style. while a puppy proprietor is murdered at a coaching consultation, Holly enlists the victim's great Malamute to discover the killer.

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People who believe in ESP like to think that dogs and their owners have special powers of communication, but if Rowdy had received some extrasensory message from Dr. Stanton, he wasn’t showing any sign of it. Even though he knew that he was tied up, I think that he still believed he was on a long down, because he was in his favorite long-down posture, belly on the floor, forelegs crossed, head resting on them, tail sticking up and waving slowly. Rowdy often looked as if he were scanning for some kind of wonderful trouble and preparing to create some if he didn’t find any soon enough to suit him.

D. ” “A Companion Dog title. But the main thing is that any dog training club isn’t just to teach you to show. It might sound silly, but you’re supposed to help make the average dog a good canine citizen. And Margaret used to say all the time, ‘We are not here to teach tricks to pets. ‘ ” She always said “pet” as if it were an obscenity. She was wrong. If “pet” means a good friend, every dog I’ve ever owned has been a pet. Furthermore, although she bad-mouthed all dogs except goldens, she was an outspoken proponent of the view that all dogs can be trained if you use the right methods, which were, in her view, her methods and her methods only.

Margaret’s approach — jerk on the dog’s lead, and if that doesn’t work, jerk harder — was going out of style, and we were all pretty tired of her gift for putting people off. She used to tell the beginners that if they weren’t going to train for two hours a day, they should go home and forget it. She and Dr. Stanton were already less than friends, but he only spoke for the rest of us. We were all thrilled at the chance to hire Vince, who understands that all dogs are descended from wolves and who likes dogs the way they are.

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