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By Geoffrey Household

A vintage mystery set in Dorset after the second one international battle, filled with Household's signature motion and suspense.

An afternoon's capturing within the state turns out a delightful prospect to Roger Taine, a revered relations guy with a wonderful army checklist. but if he discovers a poacher on his land, he fires a caution blast that forestalls the intruder lifeless in his tracks.

Investigating additional, Taine inadvertently uncovers a new-fascist plot which he's made up our minds to thwart. a sequence of auto chases, aeroplane drops and cross-country scrambles sharpen the secret, however the experience takes a brand new twist while Taine discovers that he himself is being pursued by way of the police.

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Try a left-hand gun,” I suggested. “Yes. Some day. But no time since the war. ” he exploded joyfully. ” “Didn’t I say so? Once a colonel, always a colonel,” he decreed. ” I retorted. ” “Me? ” I thought I had got him placed at last. The Dorset Mental Hospital wasn’t far away, and they used to let out the less eccentric inmates for quiet country walks. ” I asked. “Eh? First, of course! ” “All the risk and none of the fun,” I agreed soothingly. ” “Shot him. ” “That’s just what I don’t know. ” “Why I am supposed to have killed a man hereabouts,” he answered, staring me straight in the eyes with a flash of the sanest and grimmest humor I ever saw.

He was a fiery-looking little bouncer, about five and a half feet high with a pointed face and a thin sandy mustache. There was a network of scars on one side of his chin, and he had a slight limp which suggested still another war wound. His age was unguessable–somewhere between forty and fifty-five. Whatever it was, he was undoubtedly fighting fit, and his movements were fast and jerky as those of a well-strung puppet. We had a short conversation–one of those curious interchanges wherein nothing whatever is revealed but instant mutual sympathy.

I followed, trailing them by the sound of their footsteps. When they got over the brow of the hill I decided to take a chance. The road was good and my cycle well oiled. It made no more noise than dead leaves blowing over the tarmac. They were talking together as I swept down behind them, and when they heard me it was too late. I passed them at about fifteen miles an hour, swerved, grabbed at the spade and wobbled twice across the road– but I had it, and the torch was flashed too late. I heard them begin to run, and I put on speed.

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