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By Trevor Yorke

Abbeys of the center a while stay probably the most brilliant of spiritual structures. They have been equipped with an organization experience of devotion, and with out rate spared, via groups which had a religion dependent upon venerable recognize for the ability and authority of the Church. The grace and majesty in their building, and the attractive rural settings of such a lot of, lead them to an ideal vacation spot for viewers all year long. Trevor Yorke, utilizing diagrams, photos and illustrations, explains the historical past of those constructions and describes how they have been utilized in the centuries ahead of the good Dissolution through Henry VIII in 1536, which left so much of them in ruins.

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One monk is recorded as leaving his religious house in disgust at the drunkenness of his abbot, a man who later became a saint! 6: EXEMPLAR ABBEY CIRCA AD 800: On a shallow promontory above the junction (A) of a stream to the left and the main river to the right, monks have cleared the site for their monastery. The principal buildings of churches and communal halls stand on the highest point (B) with the monks’ individual cells, no more than small huts with a plot of land, scattered on the terraces below (C).

All levels of society relied fundamentally upon the success or failure of agriculture, either directly from goods produced or through the rents charged for others to farm their land. There were only a few, small-scale industries for other sources of revenue should the harvest fail. Monasteries, for instance, were efficient at utilising all aspects of their estates, including lead mining, iron smelting and stone quarrying, from which they made money and produced raw materials for their buildings.

13: MALMESBURY ABBEY, WILTSHIRE: This spectacular late 12th century porch entrance is the best example in the country of the fashionable receding bands of highly decorated arches, a style imported following Henry II’s conquests in southern France. 14: GLOUCESTER CATHEDRAL, GLOUCESTERSHIRE: A Norman triforium opening featuring columns with scalloped capitals and chevron or zigzag decoration. 15: TEWKESBURY ABBEY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE: Two views of this well-preserved Norman abbey church. The top one is of the tower, typically stocky with rows of blind arcades, round arches and zigzag patterns.

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