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Absolute newbie track concept For Blues Guitar

Are you embarassed to confess you don't recognize any tune thought? if this is the case, cease it. There's not anything to be embarassed approximately. a lot of people decide up an tool with out ever studying the fundamentals of tune theory.

You can research loads of stuff with out ever realizing what you're doing. but when you're keen to benefit the main simple parts of tune idea, every little thing you do will make extra sense.

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Introductions A Simple Blues Song Intro Chorus Verse Solo Verse/Ending Chord Progression Chord Progression Chord Progression Chord Progression Blues Intro Bars 1 I Chord 12 2 I Chord I IV 3 12 Bar Blues 6 7 4 5 8 9 10 11 I Chord I Chord IV Chord IV Chord I Chord I Chord V Chord IV Chord I Chord I I IV IV I I V IV I I Chord I V It’s very common for blues songs to use an introduction that consists only of a few chords, sometimes the ending of a standard 12 bar sequence. What Do You Play When? Bars 1 2 3 4 5 12 Bar Blues 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 I Chord I Chord I Chord I Chord IV Chord IV Chord I Chord I Chord V Chord IV Chord I Chord I Chord Other notes Other notes Other notes Other notes Other notes Other notes Other notes Other notes Other notes Other notes Other notes Other notes I I I I IV IV I I V IV I I V Rhythm Soloing Play a standard blues shuffle rhythm Licks Complementing Chords Play a rhythm lick Mix Chords And LIcks Play Chords Key Ideas Your soloing should follow the melody created by the progression of chord roots.

D E" E B G D A G A" A B" B C C! D The notes on each string jump 1/2 step at each fret. You reach the octave up from the open string at the 12th fret. You can get by without memorizing the note names at each fret of every string, but you MUST know the note names along the low and high E strings. E" E Tuning Down Move Everything Up Standard Tuning G A" A B" B C C! D E" E E F F! B C C! G A" A D E" E A B" B E F F! G A" A B" B C C! D E" E A B C C! D E G A" E" F B" F E" B G D A B" B" F! F! C! C! A" A" E" E E F F!

A" A" E" E" F F! Major Scale In F Sharp I E G A" II A B" B III IV C C! V D E" VI VII I The Blues I, IV, V 12 Bar Major Blues 12 Bar Minor Blues Turnarounds Introductions What Do You Play When? The Pentatonic Scale? What Is The I, IV, V? I Major Scale In E I II Natural Minor Scale In E I II III III IV V IV V IV V VI VI VII VII The I, IV, V in blues music These notes are the root notes for the 12 bar refers to the I, IV, and V blues progression, used in most blues music. positions in both the major and minor scale.

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