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This code offers ideas for a initial overview that determines the "design foundation code" that's, if the development should be repaired in keeping with the ACI 318 model utilized in the unique layout, or if the fix must agree to the present ACI 318. The code offers ideas for deciding upon energy of in-situ fabric, acting structural research, designing upkeep for energy and sturdiness, necessities for balance and shoring of development, and inspection and trying out of maintenance. observation offers program suggestions in addition to references for more information.

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In general, polymer mortar and polymer concrete have higher coefficients of thermal expansion and higher resistance to water vapor transmission and lower resistance to fire and elevated temperatures compared to cementitious alternatives. 4 Repairs using adhesives shall consider their performance at elevated temperatures. 2R reports that the physical and mechanical properties of the resin components of FRP systems are influenced by temperature and can degrade at temperatures close to and above their glass-transition temperature Tg.

A minimum of three specimens shall be taken from representative elements. 7C The historic default value is obtained from ASCE/ SEI 41-06. CODE REQUIREMENTS FOR EVALUATION, REPAIR, AND REHABILITATION OF CONCRETE BUILDINGS (ACI 562M-13) CODE 29 COMMENTARY The equivalent specified yield strength fy of each specimen shall be its reported yield strength. 6. 9 The sampling of prestressing steel reinforcement for strength testing shall be required if strength and historical data are not available. Testing of the prestressing reinforcement shall be in accordance with ASTM A1061/1061M.

While certain designs require composite behavior up to an ultimate limit state, others may be limited to service conditions. Composite behavior can be achieved by chemical bonding, mechanical means, or a combination thereof. The design should specify the repair materials and techniques that will develop the level of composite behavior to achieve the intended performance of the repaired member. 5 for design requirements for force transfer between new and existing concrete. Techniques other than shear-friction may be acceptable.

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