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By Ariel Schrag

Whilst Adam Freedman — a thin, awkward, green youngster from Piedmont, California — is going to stick with his older sister Casey in manhattan urban, he's hopeful that his existence is ready to alter. And it definite does.

It is the summer season of 2006. homosexual marriage and transgender rights are within the air, and Casey has thrust herself right into a wild lesbian lifestyle. quickly Adam is tagging alongside to underground golf equipment, the place there are scorching older girls in every single place he turns. It takes a while for him to gain that many during this new crowd imagine he's trans—a boy who was once born a woman. Why else might this baby-faced man continuously be round?

Then Adam meets Gillian, the woman of his goals — yet she couldn’t potentially have an interest in him. except passing as a trans man may possibly truly paintings in his want . . .

Ariel Schrag’s scathingly humorous and poignant debut novel places a clean spin on questions of affection, appeal, self-definition, and what it takes to be at domestic on your personal epidermis.

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He turned from the window as the cat made her move. ” “I know how to listen. ” “All right, no more questions. Anything you say will be strictly off the record. ” He smiled at the thought of her scrambling for crumbs. ” “I guess I am. ” She sprang from the recliner and surveyed the sideboard that served as his kitchen, the few 39 Kathleen Eagle groceries he’d brought home the previous night still there in the box. “Let the scaring up begin,” she declared. ” “Take this,” he said, handing her a net sack that might have once contained onions.

The skillet hit the stovetop with a clunk. ” His eyes trapped hers in a heated stare-down. “You look so damn . ” The way he forced the words between his teeth almost scared her. The weight of his arm on her shoulders almost sank her. The way his kiss pressed her neck into the crook of his elbow and tipped her head back over his arm almost hurt her, and the heat and hunger of his mouth almost undid her. “Don’t ask,” he whispered when he took his lips away. ” “You’re the expert,” she managed to say.

Now what? A sensible woman ought to be terrified. She’d written a story about a woman who had been kidnapped, hidden away in the desert, and left alone for days at a time. Your mind plays wild tricks on you, the woman had said. Indeed. Heather’s tricky imagination was telling her she’d been captured and deserted by the object of her own obsession. A crazy woman’s dream come true. Bye-bye to good sense. After all, she was the stalker here. She had followed him. She’d gotten herself lost. She’d threatened his security.

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