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By Francis Frascina, Rachel Stevens, Claudia Pederson, Stephen Longmire, Christine Ross, Alisia G. Chase,

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95 (HB) -L The photographic ev idenice of' the story behind Robert Longo's dramatic and famous series of drawings, "Men in the Cities," lies in this book. The drawings depict typically clothed business people, in solitary moments, contorting their bodies in ways that arc either necessary or reactive. Continuing the allusions to literature, there is oftes a sense of what could be called magical realism.

The right side of the picture is dominated by two enormous microphones on a bed of salt. Each microphone is rendered useless one is covered in a red condom a limp, translucent, glistening sheath and the other is covered in the chopped heads of countless smashed and smeared lipsticks. Each While "Trauma and the Uncanny" most closely aligns with the traditional definition of "haunted," this section includes some original work. Zoe Leonard's 1990 black-and-white photograph of a wax anatomical female doll with exposed internal organs is boldly disturbing.

Perhaps this is due to the limitations posed in the collection, but the end result left me anything but haunted. COLETTE COPELAND i. a multimedia artist who teaches critical writing and visual studies at the University oqfPennsvlvania in Philadelphia. AOTF-51. I lt"bs•,t"di ,m di,efiituo , 2. tW nka•r. mk-,N,•ork. Above 6th Light (2007) by Paul Chan museum's Curator of Contemporary Art. "' A laboratory in which "monumental scale, ephemeral nature, and movingjuxtaposition of past and present" come together to delight, solicit, and challenge an audience initially drawn, presumably, to the museum's substantial and well-established historical collection.

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