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Alien Politics retrieves from the writings of Marx an unique conception of the nation which is still workable and suitable this present day. Paul Thomas strains the method wherein Marx's concept of the nation because the tool of the capitalist ruling type grew to become reworked into communist dogma less than the auspices of Lenin and different "official" Marxist stalwarts. He argues that Marx's writings nonetheless have anything to coach us and shouldn't be pulled down with the monoliths and mausoleums of communism.

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This figure compared with only 100 fasci and 30,000 supporters in 1920. An analysis that was made of about half of the members in November, 1921, revealed the following occupational breakdown: 18,084 landowners; 13,878 tradesmen; 4,269 manufacturers; 9,981 members of learned professions; 7,209 state employees; 14,988 private employees; 1,680 teachers; 36,847 agricultural laborers; and 23,418 industrial workers. Probably most of the farm workers had 27 THE BIRTH OF FASCISM previously been identified with Socialist or Catholic "leagues" and were forced into the fasci by the squadristi, while a good many of the industrial workers were taken from the civil service, unemployed dock workers, and districts under Fascist military occupation.

I believe that if the Vatican were to renounce once for all its dreams of temporal power-and I think it is going to-profane or lay Italy would furnish the Vatican with material aid for its schools, churches, and hospitals. . I have now reached the last part of my speech, and I wish to touch upon a very difficult question that, given the present situation, should arouse the attention of the Chamber. I refer to the struggle, the civil war that is taking place in Italy. First of all, and with regard to foreign opinion, it is necessary not to exaggerate the extent of this struggle.

Until this time most of Italy's labor organizations had been either Socialist or Catholic; henceforth Fascist labor unions or syndicates also appeared. Deplorable acts of violence increased markedly during the first six 26 FASCISM IN ITALY months of 1921 in Emilia and Romagna, with Tuscany running a close second. Things reached such a pitch in the summer that the new premier, lvanoe Bonomi, helped persuade Mussolini that a truce must be achieved. A "peace pact" w1th the Socialists and General Confederation of Labor was signed by the Fascists on August 3.

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