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White can simply hane at 3 or block at 'a', so Black is dead. Failure. Easygoing Blocking at White 1 is too easygoing. Black defends at the vital point and, in answer to the White atari at 5, has the chance to resist by malting a ko at Black 6. Also, even if Black simply connects with 2 at 3, he makes the carpenter's square, so there's no way to kill the group outright If White plays 1 at 2, Black's connection at 3 is troublesome. 205 Pattern 25 White to play, Black dies The joint of this carpenter's square hasn't been solidified.

Solution 3. In the aftermath Black captures the four white stones with 8 to 12. In the aftermath, White can attach at 9 and when Black defends by playing above 9, the end result is a ko. If Black had more outside liberties, he'd be able to crush the invading white stones out of existence. 204 Pattern 24 White to play, Black dies This shape, which can lead to the carpenter's square, can be troublesome. Before Black can finish the shape White should aim to attack Black's weak point and kill him outright You should be able to solve this easily.

Following the same logic, in the cases when White hanes first at 2, instead of blocking at 'c', Black can descend to 1. Reference. The possibility of playing elsewhere Black has only seven stones, but White hasn't blocked at 'a', so as it stands, Black can play elsewhere once and still live. 214 Pattern 4 White to play, Black dies The situation is getting more and more complicated, so you'll have to rely on your reading ability. Where should White make the first move? If you re not careful, Black will end up living.

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