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I had to. “Yeah. That’s just it. ” Susan looked away from her drawing and up toward me. She must have noticed something about my expression, since her eyes widened, and she said, “Oh. ” She got it. About Terry, I mean. ” “That I’d be drawing from life,” I whispered back. ” “But that’s what life drawing means,” Susan said, looking as if she were trying not to smile. “It’s important for all artists to be able to draw the human form, and you can’t do that if you can’t see the muscle and skeletal structure beneath the skin because it’s hidden under clothes.

Actually, mine wouldn’t have been too thrilled about it, either, if they’d known. Not because of them being afraid I might get lost or abducted and sold into white slavery (which happens a lot more in the Midwest, at places like the Mall of America, than it does on the Metro…I know because Rebecca and I watched an episode of National Geographic Explorer about it) but because of the whole Johnson Family Vacation In Progress thing. Sadly, it doesn’t worry them enough to get me out of my job at Potomac Video.

Something good, anyway). And that ace is Mom and Dad. Because NO WAY are Mom and Dad going to let me skip Thanksgiving at Grandma’s to go away with my boyfriend. Even to Camp David. Even with the president. Which means no sex. Or Parcheesi, as David apparently calls it. I won’t pretend like I am too upset about this. About my mom and dad not letting me go away with David. I mean, I’m not all that positive I even want to go. Okay, sure, I want to go when David’s hands are under various articles of my clothing… But the minute they aren’t anymore, I have to admit, I’m not completely jazzed about the idea.

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