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Multilingual Services

Calling world “a global village” isn’t an understatement by any means. With business spread all across the globe, with various different languages, having access to multilingual solutions has become a necessity. This is where SoftNis comes in to help you. SoftNis is dedicated to provide its customers with various Multilingual solutions including, translation and interpreter services.

We, at SoftNis, are experts in Multilingual Data Management Solution with best in-class language speakers. The team of experts includes 15 language speakers who are fluent in various different languages. Most of these people are natives of the state of the language which not only helps shorten the cultural gap but also proves useful in the field. With native language speakers in various languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnam and Indian (Hindi), our set of highly skilled employees provide a variety of services including proof reading, technical writing and constraint process of language Data Base management system.

Other than the translation services, we also provide various Data Management solutions including Data Cleansing, Product Data Cleansing, Classification, Enrichment and Cross Reference in a variety of languages.

With more than 25 years of experience under our belt, we are dedicated to provide our customers with the best in-class translation services. We cover various domains including HealthCare, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Automotive and aftermarket, MRO and Industrial Supply domains.

For any query or help regarding multilingual translation services, feel free to contact us.