MRO Material Master Data Cleansing and Classification

SoftNis’s over 10 years of rich experience in providing MRO Material Master Data Cleansing and Classification Services. SoftNis services are customized and tailored to match to each specific customer business requirements.
SoftNis’s MRO Material Master Data Cleansing process will systematically Enhance, Standardize, validate and classify the raw input data. The process will also help in identifying the duplicate records.

Service Level Offerings:
Service Level Material Master Data Cleansing & Classification
Define customized Data Handline Process
Identify Inactive / Absolute Material
Sourcing & Product Identification (By defining Noun Modifier)
Standardize Manufacturer Name & Part number
Standardize Supplier Name & Part number
Duplicate Material Identification - Exact Match
Product Classification (UNSPSC, Ecl@ss )
Schema Mapping / Development
Data Capture (Web, Catalogs)
Description Generation – Long and Short
Duplicate Material Identification - Potential Match (Interchangeable Materials)
Obsolete Product Identification

Material Data Standards

SoftNis’s Standard Noun Modifier Dictionary (SMD)

Currently SoftNis’s has more than 4,0000, unique Noun modifier combination in the dictionary. The Noun modifier dictionary is a two-tiered classification schema with consistent naming convention. Each Schema consists of Noun/Class and Modifier/Sub-Class with associated characteristics that describes the general part attributes.
Each noun modifier is having minimum of 8 attributes and maximum of 27 attributes with attribute type, descriptions, sample values, Unit of Modifiers and attribute priority. As per each client requirement, the Noun-Modifier Dictionary can be modified and/or rearranged as needed.

Base Unit of Measures(UOM)

Several unit of measure standards were considered in establishing the standard UOM list. The standard UOM list is developed with the consideration of following UOM standards in the industry. They are,

  • United Nations Economic Commission for Commerce (UNECE),
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI),
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and
  • International System of Units (SI).
Example: Inch – Inch, Millimeter – MM

Data Abbreviation Standards

The abbreviations are the standard short form representation of the Noun, Modifier, attribute name and values. The abbreviated names are used to generate the short description with the intention of accommodation of more values.


Data Capture

Complete specification of material is captured as per the schema from the manufacturer website or catalog.

Material Descriptions (Driven by SMD standard)

Long Descriptions

Long Descriptions are generated with the combination of Noun, Modifier, and Specification Name Value Pairs. Long Description are non-abbreviated and Length of the descriptions vary depending on the specification values.

[Noun], [Modifier];[Attribute 1 Name] [Attribute 1 value]:[Attribute 2 Name] [Attribute 2 value]:[Attribute 3 Name] [Attribute 3 value]:


Short Description (Abbreviated)

Short Descriptions are generated with the combination of Noun, Modifier, and Specification Values. The specification values are the priority values of the product. The short description is a 40-character in length generated using the Abbreviated form of noun, modifier and specification values.

[Abbreviated Noun],[Abbreviated Modifier]:[Abbreviated attribute 1Value],[Abbreviated attribute 2 value],…[Abbreviated attribute N Value]


Data Classification - United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSC)

The UNSPSC is a global reference taxonomy or classification framework for all products and services. The UNSPSC is a hierarchical classification, having four levels Segment, Family, Class, Commodity. Each level contains a two-character numerical value and a textual description.

UNSPSC classification for Pressure Gauge.
Segment Family Class Commodity
41000000 - Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment 41110000 - Measuring and observing and testing instruments 41112400 - Pressure measuring and control instruments 41112412 - Pressure gauge

Duplicate Identification

Product Data Deduplication is a process of identifying and removing the redundant items. The Duplicate Items are identified based on same manufacturer and part numbers, or may be different manufacturer but same functionality. This duplicate identification process will be processed after completion of the complete Material Master Standardization process.

  • Exact Match: Exact match duplicates are identified by comparing the manufacturer name and part number.
  • Potential Match: Also, called as Functionally Same/Interchangeable products. Potential duplicated are identified by comparing the product descriptions.

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