Company Profile

Established as a Data Management Company, we, at SoftNis, have helped many companies manage data efficiently. Data Management includes Data Classification, Coding, Spend Management & Analysis and ERP Management. Dealing with various companies located in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and America, we have been able to match their levels of accuracy and precision with consistency.

This is what makes us, what we are-

  1. Timely Deliveries: We understand that Data Management is an essential part of the functioning of companies and time is more of an asset. We believe that time is money and we make sure that the project is delivered well in time.
  2. Precision, Accuracy and Consistency: Our esteemed team of professionals work with high levels of concentration to keep goof ups at bay. To keep data error free, our quality team makes random checks so that you don’t find any problems later.
  3. Dealing in various domains: We have been able to handle projects in various domains which has helped us develop our skills and made us proficient enough to work on anything and everything. Our consultants deal very closely with the client to make sure that the concept is well understood and exactly what is expected.

  4. This is how we do it-

    1. Teamwork: Our team of professionals and managers make sure that the departments are in sync with each other and the work allocation is done without any hassles. This helps in bringing about accuracy in data and also less errors.
    2. Project timelines and management: Every project is taken up separately, and timelines are decided according to the need and the resources available. Client preferences are taken into consideration, and so are the possibilities of how accurately work could be done.

The dream of Our Team

To not just be global leaders in our field of expertise, but to have actually been able to make a difference in industries of various sectors and to keep providing quality results for the foreseeable future.

The Basic Qualities Ingrained In Our Company

We believe in serving customers with utmost dedication and patience. For us, satisfying our consumers with the best possible solutions technically and ethically is our sole major responsibility. For this, a never-say-die spirit is essential to achieve relentless success, and we strive to do so every single time we are provided with an opportunity.