With new businesses blooming every second, the market is now filled with the various businesses and start-ups set up by these entrepreneurs. It is very interesting to see, how a small idea can grow up into such a huge business.

The founders of SoftNis had some common beliefs that they needed to work upon in order to set a highly recognised entrepreneurship. The beliefs that they worked upon included formation of a company that leads the market in Data Management Solutions. They wanted the company to develop a platform for easing the headache of the customers in finding, sorting, and standardizing the data that they had. The founders of SoftNis also wanted to minimise the time that they spent in reaching the market and find the needed product. Instead, they focussed in providing a better solution for the same.

A brief introduction about the two founders-cum-directors at SoftNis is mentioned below.

Mr. Raghavendra Prasad, M.D.

Mr. Prasad had been involved in Consultancy, Construction, and Marketing industry since a long time. This deems them to be in the category of experienced people most capable of forming a successful entrepreneurship.

He is an Engineering graduate in Civil Engineering Disciple, an Engineering postgraduate in the field of Industrial Structures and has also pursuing his doctorate in his specialisation. He is also the Director for RPV Consultants, a firm providing consultancy and advice to Structural Engineers. He also holds the post of Managing Director at BHAMYS Constructions Pvt ltd and SYMAHB Valuations Pvt Ltd,

His fifteen years of experience and expertise in the field of construction and structures makes him respect all the clients and thus, help in providing great advice. He is the Founding Director for SoftNis.

Mr. Mallikarjuna D.S.

A strategic planner, an expert in Industrial structures, Project Management and finally a great person, Mr. Mallikarjuna has an experience of 15 Years in the field he specializes in, which is Structures.

He was a graduate in Civil Engineering and also attained a Post-Graduation Engineering degree in Industrial Structures. He passed out his Engineering being the best in his class. He has a sharp mind when it comes down to consultancy as he was once at the place where he currently sees his clients.

He holds the position of being the DIRECTOR at BHAMYS Constructions Pvt ltd and SYMAHB Valuations Pvt Ltd,. He can be easily contacted for any advice or any other such requirement. He is the Founding Director and also the Chief Executive Officer at SoftNis.