HCPCS code

Healthcare common procedure coding system is a classification system for health care procedure codes built on the American medical association’s current procedural terminology. This is a standardized coding system for health care specific items and services. Public and private health care organizations schemes and plans use HCPCS codes. This system finds maximum use in medical billing and insurance claims. Use of HCPCS codes has become mandatory after the implementation of health insurance portability and accountability act.

HCPCS level 1 code are assigned by The American Medical Association Based on the physician’s CPT. This level of medical billing codes and Surgical procedure codes has information about revenue codes place -of-service codes and diagnosis codes. Level 2 codes indicate information about non physician services, items and supplies such as ambulance, prosthetics, etc.

Level 2 codes are a single letter (A to V) + 4 digit classifications. These are maintained by the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services. For Example durable medical equipment are coded E0100, walking splint is coded L4386, vapourizer E0605.

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HCPCS Examples:



Durable Medical Equipment


Walking Splint




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