Oil and Gas Data Management

The Oil and Gas Industries are experiencing market changes, computations and regulatory changes. The effective Data Management policies and practices have a significant impact on the value that a typical Oil and Gas company generates each year and that improvements in these areas will surely lead to overall company performance improvements. All Oil and Gas companies do understand that Data Management is crucial to their operations.

The Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX): The PIDX is the American Petroleum Institute's Committee on global electronic business standards in the Oil and Gas Industry. PIDX provides a global forum for delivering the process, information and technology standards that facilitates seamless, efficient electronic business within the Oil and Natural Gas Industry and its trading community. PIDX are the only open eBusiness standards created by the industry for the industry. We at SoftNis, follow PIDX Standards, Process and Classification Schemas.

Oil and Gas Data Management Services

Product Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment is a Process of Enhancing the Data from the External Resources, like Web, Catalogs or other Documents. Data Enrichment includes Product Identification, Specification Capture, Application, Features and Benefits of Information Listing, Downloading MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) / Technical Data Sheets / Installation Sheets, if any. Description Generation, Image Capture / Format / Resize, and Classification. READMORE…>>

Product Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing is the Process of Rearranging Data to a Suitable Form as per Customer Specifications after Analyzing the given Input Product Description. For example, in Supply Chain Management many a times suppliers cannot use the data in the manufacturer's website directly. The product data has to be cleansed to suit individual customer requirements. READMORE…>>

Product Classification

Data Classification is the Categorization of Data for its most effective and efficient use. We are specialized in UNSPSC Classification and have handled data in more than 5 languages, mainly English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. READMORE…>>

Epicor Prophet 21 (P21) Data Management

We have extensively worked on Epicor Prophet 21 ERP System, on aspects like Cleansing/Customization of the manufacturer’s input data to Distributor’s Specific P21 Upload Format, like, Product Identification, Rearranging the Attribute Suitably, Application and Notes Capture. READMORE…>>

Competitor Price Sourcing

This is process of finding the same item in the competitor website and capturing the price for reference.

Product Data De-Duplication

Duplicates are identified and removed by adopting various permutations of pattern matching rules, database queries and manual inspection.


  • Improved Product Identification, Search and Classification.
  • Improvement in Procurement Service Level.
  • Improvement in Spend Management by Planning at Products Category Level.
  • Improvement in Products Category Demand Visibility.
  • Decrease in Obsolete Products Stock.
  • Reduce the Time Required to Locate the Parts in Warehouse.

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