eCl@ss - Product and Service Classification

While eCl@ss is cross-industry product data standardization and classification, SoftNis offers this form of product classification classes on a much-desired and much-accepted multilingual data support system.

Incidentally, SoftNis is a licensed eCl@ss service provider! And we are up-to-date and relying on the latest version 10.1 that is available in the market.

SoftNis comes with a wide-ranging expertise in providing classification services for different product ranges that apply to different verticals, domains and industry sectors. The same would be Healthcare, Chemical, MRO, Automotive, Construction, Electric & Electronics, Utilities, Airlines, and Logistics, Mechanical, Oil & Gas and more.

eCl@ss classification in your mother tongue!

At present, we extend eCl@ss to German, French and English languages. To facilitate this, we have a couple intuitively designed translation tools that have been very helpful and achieve more than 95% accuracy in product name translations. We consider it a big advantage and give us a niche presence in the eCl@ss data and product classification arena.

SoftNis expertise in eCl@ss classification

We have been working on eCl@ss data classificatioin or eClass as it is popularly known for many years now. Our experience in this form of classification has given us the understanding of the eCl@ss hierarchy structure, and the differences and additions in the updated versions. Our eCl@ss experience in the recent past spans across eCl@ss 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, 9.1, 10.0.1, and 10.1 versions.

Competency and knowhow

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), are well-versed in the eCl@ss categorization and classification. They come with wide-ranging experience that was gathered when working on many eCl@ss projects that ran on older versions. We have SMEs specific to Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory supply products, and MRO, Electric and Electronics products.

Language support

Our project reach has given us scope and opportunity to work on German, French and English language data classification. This has been finessed and fine-tuned thanks to our in-house translation tools and our in-house sourcing methodologies captured in different foreign languages including English.

Customized process

We offer tailored, customized processes that are best-suited and cater to different client requisites and project requirements.

Quality and SLAs

Quality is our mainstay. And to date, we have delivered at an accuracy level of not less than 98%. This is of course one of our key highlights and qualifies as our strong points. And this just goes on to showcase our experience in eCl@ss classification. We strongly adhere to all service level agreements. As an offshoot, if the client were to request for a recheck and ask for a rework on already completed data groups, we will engage in it wholeheartedly, at no extra cost.

Data confidentiality

We adhere to, and have incorporated the latest data security measures and policies. And we can vouch for a fact that our client’s data is safe and secure with us.

Proof of concept

We offer a no cost, no obligation POC to any client who wants to work with us in the eCl@ss domain. Please send us a product data sample, so we can showcase our knowhow and quality.


Please Contact Us to know our clientele list for whom we have worked on eCl@ss projects in the past.


We are competitively priced and our pricing is cost-effective.

About eCl@ss

eCl@ss is made up of a 4-level system of classification hierarchy. The first level is a basic level. The last level which is the 4th level, being the most detailed. All levels are interrelated by a free relation legacy. The hierarchical build-up of commercial, technical and other parameters is interrelated and is independent of any numerical dependence.

Hierarchical Levels

  • Section/Segment
  • Core/Main group
  • Grouping/Set/Group
  • Subordinate group or commodity/product

The SoftNis advantage!

eCl@ss is essentially a cross-vertical, cross-domain, cross-industry product data categorization standard. This offers a classification system that is aided by an elaborate unambiguous description of different products and services. eCl@ss classification system is said to be the only ISO/IEC-compliant industry standards for Goods and Services. This is applicable both on the domestic level as well as on an international level.

To meet its purpose and ends, eCl@ss Classification offers linguistic range and variety, wherein it supports more than 16 languages at present.

The latest version eCl@ss 10.1 supports English, German (klassifizierung), French (classification), Spanish (clasificación), Italian (classificazione), Simplified Chinese (分类), Czech (klasifikace), Japanese (分類), Korean (분류), Dutch (classificatie), Portuguese (classificação), Russian (классификация), Thai (การจัดหมวดหมู่), Turkish (sınıflandırma), Traditional Chinese (分類) and Polish (Klasyfikacja) languages.

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