SoftNis has over 10 years of robust experience in providing Healthcare Products Catalog Data Enrichment and Classification Services. We at SoftNis strongly believe that Catalog Data Enrichment is a value adding process to provide more information of the product to the customer while enhancing the quality and richness of the product data.

Our Data Enrichment practice follows the methodology of Product Sourcing, Product Classification to Standard/Custom Taxonomy, Taxonomy Development, Specification Attributes (Schema) Development, Values Gathering, Applications, Features and its Benefits Listing, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) / Technical Data Sheets / Installation Sheets, Description Generation (Unique and Standard) and Image Capturing / Formatting / Resizing.
Products will be sourced by researching Manufacturer’s /Supplier’s websites/indexes/catalogues to identify the product and its characteristics.
The product will be sourced as per the hierarchy captured below:
The standard taxonomies are too generic and are developed basically to cover most of the verticals or most of the products in a vertical. If a customer is a distributor of Healthcare products, it gets too generic and ends up in lack of user hierarchy navigation. Following few standard taxonomies are predominantly used in the Healthcare sector : ECLASS, GMDN, CPV, UNSPSC, WHO and more.

Custom taxonomy is tailored and focussed entirely on the customer's range of products. Accordingly the product classification breakup is defined in a comprehensive and detailed manner and the hierarchy is suitably followed.

Product Source UNICEF
Reference S1505046
Name Amoxici.pdr/oral sus 125mg/5ml/BOT-100ml

Illustration of Custom Taxonomy for Antibiotics
Currently SoftNis has more than 1,000 unique products attribute set in the dictionary. Each Product set is having minimum of 15 attributes and maximum of 52 attributes with Data types, Descriptions, Sample values, Unit of Measures and Priority Order. As per each client's requirement, the attribute set can be modified and/or rearranged.

Generic Name
Dosage Form
Active Ingredient
Antibiotic Class
Target Entity
Age Group
Container Type
Generic Drug Code
NDC Number
Recommended Dosage
Side Effects
Drug Interaction
Shelf Life
Illustration of Attribute set for Antibiotics

Complete specification of the product is captured as per the Attribute set from the manufacturer’s / supplier's website or catalogue.

Treatment of Bacterial Infections
Generic Name
Dosage Form
Powder For Oral Suspension
125 mg/5 ml
Active Ingredient
Amoxicillin Trihydrate
Antibiotic Class
Beta-Lactam, Penicillin
Age Group
Container Type
Recommended Dosage
Child Up to 10 Years 125mg Every 8–12 Hours
Oral, Otic
Side Effects
Adverse: [Diarrhoea, Nausea, Rash, Urticar...
Drug Interaction
Allopurinol, Contraceptives Oral..
Transport between +15 Deg C to +25 Deg C
Shelf Life
36 Months
Illustration of Attribute set with Values for Antibiotics

The unique descriptions are generated with a combination of Product Name, Attributes Name and Values. Long Descriptions are non-abbreviated and length of the description varies depending on the attribute values. To keep the descriptions distinct, only those attributes which perfectly identify the products are used.

Amoxicillin, Treatment of Bacterial Infections, Powder For Oral Suspension, 125 mg/5 ml, Beta- Lactam, Penicillin, Pediatric, Bottle, Oral, Otic Administration, 36 Months
Illustration of Long Description for Antibiotics

We have been working on the Healthcare Products classification and taxonomy method for many years now. We have enhanced our knowledge and adapted to many different facets and aspects of the Product classification over the years. Our team members are trained and specialized similarly.

GMDN - The standard for naming and grouping medical devices. The main purpose of the GMDN is to provide health authorities and regulators, health care providers, manufacturers and others with a naming system that can be used to exchange medical device information and support patient safety.
GMDN is 5 digit numeric code cross-referenced to a precisely defined Term Name and Definition. Examples:

Product Source Number Description GMDN Code GMDN Description
MSF-33-71-27-- esurfobl27c forcep-Bone-cutting-liston-stille-dbl-act.-27cm 46688 Bone cutting forceps
MSF-ESUDFOME16C 332-20-20 forceps, Meriam, 16 cm, double bent, serrated 31814 Dental dressing forceps, reusable
MSF-ESUDFODE17 300-01-70 Forceps, Dental, n°17, upper right molars 35552 Tooth extraction forceps
MSF-SCTDTUGF06- sctdtugf06 nasogastric-tube-enfit-tip-s.u.-40-cm-ch06-light 14221 Nasogastric feeding tube
MSF -ESURCLBD10C 15-17-10 Clamp, Buldgog, DeBAKEY, atraumatic100mm 62470 Surgical bulldog clamp, reusable
MSF-ESURCUBV10 29-51-53 curette-bone-volkmann-17-cm-10-mm 31335 Bone curette
UNICEF S0366020 syringe-feeding-50ml-luer-tip-ster 59040 Oral/enteral syringe, single-use
MSF-SSURSCIS14S1 ssurscis14s1 surgical-scissors-14.5-cm-straight-sharp-blunt 58949 General-purpose surgical scissors, single-use

We at SoftNis have been working on ECLASS Classification with Properties and Values for over years, growing with expertise skills applying the ECLASS hierarchy structure with the differences and additions in the updated versions. Our ECLASS experience in the recent past spans across ECLASS 9.0, 9.1, 10.0.1, 10.1, 11.0 and 11.1 versions.

Manufacturer/Supplier Name Part Number Description ECLASS Code ECLASS Description
IVF Hartmann AG Neuhausen 9315744 Varolast Zinkleimbinde 10cmx5m, 1 Stk> 34-20-01-01 Zinc paste bandage
3M (Schweiz) AG Rüschlikon SR-3 Precise, Einweg-Hautklammerentferner, 1 Stk (10) 34-33-07-05 Skin Staple Remover
Mölnlycke Health Care AG Diet 6863280 MEPITEL 5x7cm 1 Stk (5)> 34-21-04-10 Wound dressing (silver-containing)
B. Braun Medical AG Sempach S 4894111N StimuplexD Kanüle 25G, 55mm, 1 Stk (25)> 34-22-03-02 Safety cannula (disposable)
Polymed Medical Center Glattb 8687775 ACCU-CHEK AVIVA Teststreifen 1 Stk (50) 42-01-07-01 Glucose (blood test strip)
IVF Hartmann AG Neuhausen 9995811 PAGAVIT Glyc Mundpflegestäbchen 1 Stk (75)> 34-40-07-04 Oral hygiene stick
IVF Hartmann AG Neuhausen 928916 Idealcrepe Binde 4mx6cm, 1 Stk (10)> 34-20-05-01 Crepe bandage
Erbe Swiss AG Winterthur 20193-082 ERBE-Neutralelektrode Nessy-Omega, 1 Stk (50)> 34-58-01-08 Electrode (electrosurgery)

UNSPSC is a leading global standard, universally accepted in classifying products and services to provide wider visibility in attaining a concise analysis and management of financial expenses of an organization. The UNSPSC code is designed as an 8 digit number which has 4 levels of UNSPSC Code hierarchy with a scope for addition of 2 more digits in the form of an optional fifth level. Presently, the latest UNSPSC version is 23.0701.

Product Source Number Description UNSPSC Code UNSPSC Description
Arthrex Bio Composite Interference Screw 11x35mm 42321506 Bone screws
00-9981-210-33 Porous Stem 21.0 X 220mm Bow 42321708 Femoral hip stems
B57861S103F40 Thermistor NTC 10KOhm 1% 2 Pin Radial Bulk 32121610 Thermistor
ABRACON ABM11-16.000 Crystal 32111706 Crystal oscillators
MXM-072-19 Mini MaxLock Extreme 1.9mm Drill Bit 42203402 Diagnostic or interventional vascular catheters for general use
三商 15-1655 ワットマン ミニユニ un203apeorg 41121806 Laboratory vials
三商 23-0312 ピアクリーン 213 スプレー式 46181806 Lens cleaner
3M 1448レッド スコッチプレミアムシザーズ 44121618 Scissors

The CPV consists of a main vocabulary and a supplementary vocabulary. The main vocabulary is based on a tree structure comprising codes of up to 9 digits associated with a wording that describes the supplies, works or services forming the subject of the contract.
Each of the last three digits gives a greater degree of precision within each category.

Product Source Number Description CPV Code CPV Description
MSF-33-71-27-- esurfobl27c forcep-Bone-cutting-liston-stille-dbl-act.-27cm 33169000-2 Surgical instruments
MSF -ESURCLBD10C 15-17-10 Clamp, Buldgog, DeBAKEY, atraumatic100mm 33169000-2 Surgical instruments
MSF-ESUDFODE17 300-01-70 Forceps, Dental, n°17, upper right molars 33131170-9 Dental spatulas, tweezers and wax carvers
MSF-SCTDTUGF06- sctdtugf06 nasogastric-tube-enfit-tip-s.u.-40-cm-ch06-light 33692300-0 Enteral feeds
MSF-ESUDFOME16C 332-20-20 forceps, Meriam, 16 cm, double bent, serrated 33131170-9 Dental spatulas, tweezers and wax carvers
MSF-ESURCUBV10 29-51-53 curette-bone-volkmann-17-cm-10-mm 33169000-2 Surgical instruments
UNICEF S0366020 syringe-feeding-50ml-luer-tip-ster 33692300-0 Enteral feeds
MSF-SSURSCIS14S1 ssurscis14s1 surgical-scissors-14.5-cm-straight-sharp-blunt 33169000-2 Surgical instruments


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Our experience in Product Classification and Taxonomy spans across many different types in the Healthcare domains. Principal among those include Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipments, Medical Supplies, Clinical and Laboratory products.

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