Data Security and confidentiality

The tool ensures a higher level of data security and confidentiality of our client data. As the complete data will be processed within this tool, it will be accessible only to the Softnis team members.


The client can keep track of the day-to-day work in progress made by the team.

Taxonomy and Schema

A unique set of 4,855 Noun-Modifiers with 40,909 Attributes and 5,39,096 Sample Values that are ready to use. The schema and taxonomy are reviewed by domain experts and standardized as per the industry standards.


The taxonomy and schema can be customized as per each client’s requests.

Auto Classification and Values Prediction

AI-ML based on the previous data patterns. Tool predicts the most appropriate Noun, Modifier, and value for a material.

Description generation

The tool comes with long and short description generation algorithms. The length, delimiter and inclusions of attributes can be customized as per each client’s requirements.

We are pleased to work on your data samples as proof of concept that comes with no strings attached. Send us your data samples at for POC.