“It’s been over two years that we had been engaged with SoftNis for Product Data Enrichment and Description Generation project. We had a war chest of products and our biggest challenge was to partner with a service provider who can process huge data without compensating on quality. SoftNis truly helped us to reach our target with the expected quality output. And we have to commend them for their dedicated work and consistency to date.”
-- Chandrashekar Ramachandra
Lead Consultant, Smart Data Team, LG CNS.
“SoftNis helped us to cleanse and classify our 31,000 MRO materials’ data in just 6 weeks. I am pleased with the data quality and the duplicate materials which they identified during the process.”
-- Tejinder Kaushik
Vice President, Head of IT,
Chemtrade Logistics Inc. Canada.
“SoftNis played a vital role in identifying, standardizing and removing duplicate products listed in the inventory and which was unnoticed for years. SoftNis had come up with customized solutions and in-house built tools to identify the duplicate items in our SAP Material Descriptions. Today, our inventory is about 20% lesser than what it was previously, and our costs and the time is taken to classify has been reduced drastically, thanks to SoftNis.”
-- Pallavi Nigam
Supply Chain Manager, Piramal Enterprises Ltd.
“SoftNis has incorporated the UNSPSC way of classification and classified over a million products for us up until now. More importantly, they delivered it within the stipulated time and more than 80% of the products were classified at the commodity level and they achieved almost 95% accuracy! I would definitely recommend SoftNis to any organization who is looking for UNSPSC way of classification.”
-- Hanumesh Srinivas
Vice President, Compnova, Texas, USA.
“We were in search of UNSPSC service providers to classify our products to upload it to the TrueTrade platform. As the TrueTrade platform accepts only UNSPSC codes at the Commodity level, SoftNis helped us classify all our products well in time and with good quality. Most importantly they understood our products, type, and application and classified all our products to the Commodity level.”
-- Mathias Pedersen
Solution architect, Hippomini, Denmark.
“SoftNis helped us to build an online catalog by providing content for our medical products. The quality content with Taxonomy and Attributes helped us to go live in a short span of time.”
-- Robert Simpson
Co-founder and CTO, Solvoz, Netherlands.