Our consolidated ETIM experience has been highlighted in the following salient points

The first step would be defining the manner in which the data has to be delivered. The choice of the communication standard to be used depends on the customer’s ERP/PIM software. Data shall be delivered in any of the following formats,
  • ETIM BMEcat
  • PAB7
  • XML
  • Excel /CSV
  • Any custom format

Products are sourced from respective Manufacturer’s/Supplier’s website or catalogues, to make sure that products are identified appropriately. The objective of sourcing is to ensure that the product identification and subsequent process is carried out suitably. CLICK HERE to know about our Product sourcing process.

Sample Product: RCCBs F202 B-63/0,03.
Product is identified by refering the the sourced information and input description.

The product is mapped to most appropriate ETIM Group and underneath Class.

In this step, we define attributes that are required to identify the product and further ordering process. The attributes are defined based on the customer’s requisite.

The following information may be considered:

  • Product Information: Part Number, Article Number, GTIN/GLN, EAN, Series, Model, Description and more.

  • Manufacturer Information: Manufacturer’s Name, Brand and Manufactured country and more.

  • Order information: Minimum Quantity and more.

  • Price information: Gross price, conversion factor, price unit and more.

  • Logistics information: Packaging dimensions and weight

Product Information
Manufacturer ABB
EAN 8012542629634
Brand ABB
Series F 200
Description Residual Current Circuit Breaker
Type Code F202 B-63/0.03
Order Code 2CSF202592R1630
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Customs Tariff Number 85363030
E-Number (Sweden) 2160056
Packaging Quantity 1 Piece
Package Width 0.073 m
Package Height 0.078 m
Package Depth / Length 0.05 m
Package Gross Weight 0.245 kg
Values are captured from the sourced website/catalogue as per the CHARACTERISTICS defined in the ETIM Class.

Missing Attributes: If any important (Necessary) Properties are missing in the ETIM Dictionary, then it will be added with Custom Codes.

Attributes ATTRIBUTES VALUES UOM (Abbreviated)
Number of poles 2
Rated voltage 230 V
Rated current 63 A
Rated fault current 30 mA
Rated insulation voltage Ui 500 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 4 kV
Mounting method DIN Rail
Leakage current type B
Selective protection YES
Short-time delayed tripping YES
Short-circuit breaking capacity (Icw) 1 kA
Surge current capacity 3 kA
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Additional equipment possible YES
With interlocking device < Not Available >
Degree of protection (IP) IP4X : IP2X
Width in number of modular spacings 35 Mm
Built-in depth 69 Mm
Ambient temperature during operating -25 To 60 °C
Pollution degree < Not Available >
Connectable conductor cross section multi-wired 1 To 25 mm²
Connectable conductor cross section solid-core 10 X 10 mm²

With the help of in-house built data translation tools together with dependable translation tools available on search engines, we have worked on more than 15 foreign languages.

Our experience in UNSPSC classification and taxonomy spans across many different industry types, domains and verticals. Principal among those include MRO, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, electrical and electronics, oil and gas and automotive sectors.

We are pleased to work on your data samples as proof of concept that comes with no strings attached. Send us your data samples at sales@softnis.com for POC.