Data Classification

Types of Data Classification


UNSPSC is a Four-Level Hierarchy and each Product is represented by a 8 Digit Numeric Code, with an optional Fifth Level adding Two more Digits. READMORE…>>

eCl@ss Coding

We extend eCl@ss to German, French, English, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese and other languages. To facilitate this, we have in-house built translation tools and sourcing methodologies that help us to ensure accuracy in translations. READMORE…>>

HCPCS Coding

Healthcare common procedure coding system is a classification system for health care procedure codes built on the American medical association’s current procedural terminology. This is a standardized coding system for health care specific items and services. Public and private health care organizations schemes and plans use HCPCS codes. READMORE…>>

Supplier Classification

For categorization of suppliers into strategically important suppliers and critical suppliers that have a say in your business, you need to make the difference evident and have to state them in formal terms. The classification adds to the proper allocation of the appropriate resources that further lead to development and management of your business relationship. READMORE…>>

NAICS Coding

The North American Industry Classification abbreviated as “NAICS” is a standard industrial classification code used in the United States, Canada and Mexico for classification and the measurement of the economic activity in these countries. It is a standard 6 digit code which is used for industry classification by federal statistical agencies. NAICS is used extensively for the purposes of auditing, identifying government contracts, analysis and the presentation of data. READMORE…>>

SIC Coding

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are the four digit numerical codes designated by the Government of United States of America as the basis for the establishment of business entities to identify the primary business policies. READMORE…>>

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